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Persian-Colombian brothers living on the island of Bahrain in the Persian Gulf. We've loved and understood House Music since an early age, and have experienced the joys that House heads and clubbers alike go through while clubbing or simply listening to House music at home. Adel which is brilliant with beats and melodies, along with Anwar the cutting & looping expert, help each other to the limit while making their tracks. Although Adel spends more time working out the most important parts of each track, Anwar figures out the next move ! History: Adel (a.k.a. Ace) learnt the art of DJ'ing at the age of 14, which was back in 1997 at the Inferno Club in Bahrain with the help of most respected DJ-GiLSphere, Anwar's mixing ability came later on after they bought their first Technics Turntables. They Both Started learning about the boundaries of House and started making their own first beats not long after learning how to DJ, which was in 1998. They released their first LP on the online record label in 2004 under the alias "Los Colombeechez", since then their production skills have been developing to be able to deliver that sound that is "DiscaL". Yet most remains unfinished, they are looking to completely finalize their work, with each others help, then to release the sounds that will identify & expose 'DiscaL' to the World ...

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